Administrative Staff

Mark Hawkins – Administrative Manager

Mark brings his diverse professional background (ranging from small business and project management to nonprofit programming) to bear on keeping the Crosby & Kaneda machine moving forward.  After receiving a BA from the University of Michigan, he moved to the Bay Area so long ago that it is now considered “home”.  Outside the office, his interests are as diverse as his professional experiences – travel (five continents so far), art (creating and experiencing), food, books, biking, and more.  His work in the community is currently focused on helping recent refugees to the United States with their English language skills.

Vicky Seid – Tax Preparation

Vicky received her BA degree from the University of California, Berkeley. Prior to joining Crosby & Kaneda in January 2011, she worked for Bay Area nonprofits, primarily in accounting and administration. Vicky has worked at organizations with focus on the environment, the arts, community development, the elderly, and mothers and children.